ExtraCare Services can help you reclaim precious time spent researching and scheduling support services for your home or your family. Select from our full range of suites of service, conveniently packaged for your needs.  Contact us for more details, including pricing, at (515) 333-4275.


Wellness Suite 

Each month you will receive:

      • 24/7 support 

      • 2 nurse visits to your home 

      • 1 medication set-up per week 

      • 1 medication setup and review per month 

      • 2 hours per week of home health aide visits 

      • 2 hours per week of companion visits 


Nutrition Suite 

You will receive:

• 1 visit per week to plan and coordinate meals, customized by dietary needs and client wishes 

        • 1 visit per week to grocery store (transportation provided) or we can do the shopping for you 

        • 1 nutritional assessment per month from a certified dietician 

        • 1 consultation visit per month from RN to monitor nutritional health 


Social Suite 

Each month, client will receive transportation* for:

        • 1 shopping trip per week 

        • 2 social activities per week – possible outings may include, but are not limited to: movie, theater, outdoor events, shopping, music. Tailored to client’s interest and at the client’s direction. 

        • 2 additional activities per month, at the discretion of the client – may include computer/social media assistance or an activity tailored to the client’s interests 


Independence Suite 

Each month you will receive:

        • Transportation* and accompaniment 4 times per week to card club, shopping, health club, exercise classes or other activities 

        • Laundry services once per week (including dry cleaning pick-up/ delivery) 

        • 1 house or apartment cleaning per week 


Pet Support Suite 

You will receive:

        • Daily visits to walk, exercise or play with your pet 

        • 1 yard clean-up per week 

        • 2 litter or kennel cleanings per week 

        • Annual vaccination coordination with vet 


Caregiver Support Suite 

Ideal for clients when their family caregivers go out of town. Client will receive:

        • 24-hour or 12-hour care and companionship each day 

        • Full meal preparation 

        • Assistance with daily activities 

        • Light housekeeping and laundry services 

        • 1 visit to grocery store 


Daily Living Suite 

Client will receive:

        • 2 hours each day of personal care, light meal preparation and medication reminder 

        • 1 visit each week by a registered nurse, including medication set up for the week 

Packages available for visits of 3 days per week, 5 days per week, or daily (7 days per week).


Daily Check-In Suite 

Client will receive:

        • 4 hours each day of companion visits, light housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation 

        • 1 visit each week by a registered nurse, including medication set up for the week 

        • 1 evening check-in each day (Price reduced for optional phone check-in) 

Packages available for visits of 5 days per week or daily (7 days per week).


A la carte care services 

Many of the services listed above are available on an a la carte basis. Please contact us for pricing or more details about any of our services 


*A nominal fuel/mileage fee will apply